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Barefoot Running Shoes is an information, product and review hub on many of the best barefoot running shoes that are currently available as well as related products and accessories. We provide the latest information in hot new running barefoot shoes like Nike Free, Vibram FiveFingers, Vivo Barefoot, Inov-8, New Balance, and Newton Running. Not only do we feature the latest news, but we also look for the best deals and places to purchase these shoes. To join in on the barefoot running shoes conversation, join our Facebook group or go STRAIGHT to our blog!

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“Wait a minute” you’re thinking to yourself…”Barefoot Running Shoes? Isn’t that an oxymoron?”Yes, it is not the best name for these type of shoes cause you are right, how can one be both barefoot and have shoes on? But really when we say “Barefoot Shoes” we mean shoes that embrace the benefits and philosophy of barefoot walking and running. Some people call these types of shoes minimalist footwear. Some of these so called barefoot running shoes look even more technical and advanced than regular running shoes. An example are Newton Running Shoes.

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Presenting Your Foot

barefoot footAs simple as a foot looks on the outside it is an amazingly complex and well-adapted appendage. It is composed of 26 bones (25% of all the bones in your body), 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. All of these components work in tandem to support your body as your run and walk. Problems or flaws in the feet often can cause problems in other parts of the body.

In addition to providing tremendous support and shock absorption the foot is surprisingly malleable. It conforms to the shape which it is bound within.

In a 1905 a group of doctors studied the feet of native people in the Philippines and Central Africa. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Orthopedic Surgery, compared the feet of these natural barefoot populations with the feet of 1905 “modern” shoe wearers.

Below is what the average barefoot person’s foot looked like:

Normal foot

The doctors noted that on the naturally barefoot person’s foot that a line could be drawn to pass through the big toe, ball of the foot, and heel. They also noted that their toes naturally spread out which would allow for a wider base for stranding, walking, and running.

Below is what the average shoe wearing indvidual’s foot looked like:

shoe wearing foot

Doctors observed that the foot seemed to form to the shape of the shoe that was worn. The toes did not fan out like those of the barefoot populations and that a line no longer could be drawn directly from the big toe to heel. The overall foot was more narrow which when compared to the barefoot people offered a less stable support base.

Benefits to Barefoot Running

What’s so good about barefoot running? Why should I do that? Won’t my feet get dirty?

Barefoot JoggingWhile your feet will get dirty there is a growing amount of research that is showing that taking off your shoes might be a good idea. People have experienced different results but many have reported:

  • Less problems with recurring ankle sprains, chronic foot injuries, and plantar fasciitis
  • Greater agility
  • Less deformed toes
  • Improved balanced (which has helped prevent other injuries)
  • Prevention of varicose veins (thanks to increased blood circulation in the feet)
  • For additional benefits check out our article on Barefoot Running

Why We Created Barefoot Running Shoes

We wanted to create a useful resource for barefoot running shoes. There’s a lot information out there on barefoot running and minimalist running shoes. Some of this information is good, but a lot of it is misleading. We want to separate the truth from the hype so you can make the right choice.

Barefoot Running Shoe Brands

vibram fivefingers barefoot shoes

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

The Vibram Five Fingers Shoes are shoes that fit like a glove, with 5 separate “finger” slots for your toes. They have recently gotten rave reviews from runners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Running in the Vibram Five Fingers Shoes is as close to running barefoot as they come.

Learn more about and Buy Vibram FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes.

nike free

Nike Free Shoes

The Nike Frees shoes are an innovative design that Nike created to imitate the barefoot running foot strike. The lightweight and flexible yet fashionable nature of the shoe makes the Nike Frees a great shoe for not only cross training but casual wear as well.

Learn more about and Buy Nike Free Shoes.

new balance barefoot

New Balance Shoes

When New Balance decided to jump on the barefoot running band wagon, other brands knew they might be in trouble. New Balance is a recognized leader in running shoes and is a common favorite for professional marathon runners.

Learn more about and Buy New Balance Shoes.

Newton Running Shoes

Newton Running Shoes are the latest and greatest in high end running technology. The patented action/reaction technology trains the runner to properly strike the ground, eliminating improper form and correcting years of incorrect running form.

Learn more about and Buy Newton Running Shoes.

Inov-8 Shoes

Inov-8 Shoes specialize in off road high performance trail running shoes. What makes them different from other trail running shoe manufacturers is that they’ve designed every shoe offering to allow the foot to move as natural or barefoot as possible

Learn more about and Buy Inov-8 Shoes.

Vivo Barefoot shoes by Terra Plana are best described as fashionable barefoot shoes which you can use while walking or running. These are the shoes you want if you want to get barefoot benefits while at work or a more fashion conscious environment.
Learn more about and Buy Vivo Barefoot Shoes.

Other Great Running Shoes

Although we highly recommend trying out the new styles of barefoot running shoes, we also want to give you an opportunity to take a look at the most popular running shoes currently out in the shoe market.

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