15 Best Books on Barefoot Running

It took a while to shortlist but here are the 15 best books on barefoot running. Barefoot Running is very appealing because of the benefits runners report: better health, less injury, and no need to buy expensive shoes. While there is still debate about whether barefoot running is beneficial for every runner, there’s a lot of great information about it online and in books. Following is a round-up of some of best books on barefoot running. So dive in to a good book to learn what you need to know. All prices listed are for the paperback version unless otherwise noted.

15 Best Books on Barefoot Running

1. Born To Run by Christopher McDougall

This book is the one that started it all. This classic barefoot running book tells how McDougall went among the Tarahumara Indians to discover how they are able to run long distances without rest or injury. He also covers the science of barefoot running as well as stories of running in all different places and situations. This is a great book for converting runners to the barefoot philosophy.
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2. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Running by Dr Craig Richards

This thorough book covers every aspect of barefoot running: the science behind it and practical advice. This book explains how to transition from shoes to barefoot, use your core strength, run faster, and prevent injuries. This book is great for beginners to experienced runners.
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3. The Barefoot Running Book by Jason Robillard

The book is a quick read with lots of great basic and essential information to help you get started running barefoot. It doesn’t cover every detail but is a good starting point. It also discusses running form to improve your barefoot running experience.
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4. The Best Book on How to Barefoot Run by Josh Leeger

This pamphlet like book is another good basic book with lots of great advice on starting into barefoot running. The author, Josh Leeger, is very knowledgeable about barefoot running and shares his expertise in a clear and helpful way including a training plan and practical tips.
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5. Barefoot Running Step by Step by Ken Bob Saxton

This book is subtitled “Barefoot Ken Bob, the guru of shoeless running shares his personal technique for running with more.” The subtitle really explains the book. Ken Bob shares his personal story, along with other running stories, and some helpful information such as techniques and drills. The book has a very first person feel with Ken Bob’s perspective and humor.
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6. Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler

This inspirational tale tells of Sandler’s journey back to running after an injury left him with an implanted titanium femur and hip. He covers the scientific and spiritual side of barefoot running.
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7. Run Barefoot Run Healthy by Ashish Mukharji

This book is written in a nice question and answer format so that it is easy to read and useful later as a reference book. The author includes information on transitioning from shoes, how to have good running form, and how to just enjoy barefoot running. He also includes helpful illustrations.
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8. Running with The Mind of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham

This book can help you find new joy in running by helping you to peacefully meditate as you run. Readers enjoy the many levels of meaning and lots of great little ideas. This is really a how to meditate and run book.
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9. The Runner’s World Complete Guide to Minimalism and Barefoot Running by Scott Douglas

This is another all around guide to barefoot running with information on transitioning to barefoot, proper running technique, drills and exercises, and insider tips. This book covers not only barefoot running but also minimalist running (running with lightweight shoes).
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10. Chi Running by Danny Dreyer

Good running technique is essential for preventing injury and improving performance. While not a strictly barefoot running book, this helpful guide teaches about aligning your body, engaging your core, and using relaxation to focus your mind. This book is designed for serious runners wanting to refine their experience.
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11. Injury-Free Running How to Build Strength, Improve Form, and Treat/Prevent Injuries by Thomas C. Michaud

This book not only covers how to run and train correctly, it also goes through the most common running injuries and how to help treat them. This book is for running with regular running shoes, minimalist shoes, and barefoot.
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12. Running Technique by Brian Martin

This book is a fairly easy read with no confusing science or technical language. It explains which muscles you should use when running and how to train your body to get the most out of your running experience.
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13.The Cool Impossible by Christopher McDougall

If you really enjoyed reading Born to Run, this book tells more about McDougall and his personal experiences. It includes more hands on advice and exercises. Readers also say it is a good motivational read.
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14. The Runner’s World Cookbook

150 Recipes to Help You Lose Weight, Run Better and Run Faster: Running requires energy and strength. Eating right can help you feel better to improve your running experience. This cookbook starts with nutritional advice and important staples to have on hand. Then the recipes are marked with helpful categories such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free. This book includes meals and snacks.
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15. What Should I Put on My Feet To Go Run by John McClung and Laura Hollingsworth

This is a great barefoot running book for kids. A baby bear tries to decide which shoes to wear to go running. The mama bear reassures him to run barefoot, naturally. The story is cute and enjoyable.
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If you are already a converted barefoot runner or just wondering if you’d like to try it, these 15 best books on barefoot running can give helpful advice and direction. Enjoy your reading (and your running!).

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