15 Must Have Barefoot Running Accessories

If you have been intrigued and taken an interest in barefoot running then you must know these 15 must-have barefoot running accessories. Yes, you need to gear up yourselves with things that are necessary and which could convenient you during running. It is all about taking everything easy and still manage to feel safe and complete during your run. Road or trail running is fun but it could also pose danger especially, for newbies and for those tracking in a new and unfamiliar place. You need to be prepared all the time in case you are caught in an unexpected situation.

Here are 15 must-have barefoot running accessories that would make your adventure on the road more fun and safer. Remember that running is not all about making yourself fit and healthy but it also calls for being aware on your surroundings and your body’s needs. (Note for those camping outdoors: also remember to bring some kind of generator to charge your electronics – the best inverter generators have this capability).

1. Good Quality Barefoot or Minimalist Running Shoes

Here are the 10 Best Barefoot Running Shoes we identified Barefoot running seems to be the hype for many runners these days because it provides natural and flexible way of running. In order to achieve a barely-there feeling on the ground, you must protect your feet with a good-quality barefoot shoe. It is light as a feather, fits like a glove and does not restricts your movement and mobility. If you are not into this kind of shoes, you could always opt for a minimalist running shoes. Minimalism has taken over the footwear industry where runners are given the chance to wear low-drop and very light running shoes.

2. Running Clothes

Whether it is summer or winter, your clothes could affect how you feel during the run. Wear comfortable running clothes that you do not limit your movements and do not affect your body’s temperature. For summer, wear clothes that are made of synthetic wicking material that draws off your sweat. These are breathable clothes that stay dry even during excessive sweating. For winter, you should wear clothes that would keep you warm.

3. Running Socks

In choosing a running socks, check the materials used. Stick to socks that are made from polyester and acrylic. During winter, choose socks that are wool blends. This is also to avoid hotspot chafing or blisters. The Injinji Lightweight No Show Toesocks are my best friend here

4. Sportswatch with GPS

There is nothing more annoying when you get lost during running. It might be an embarrassing experience especially, for seasoned runners but it is also dangerous. Good thing that sportswatch now are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) feature which indicates your location. While you are tracking down how long you have been running, you could also track down your exact location even if you are in an unfamiliar place. Many runners, myself included, swear by the Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom

5. Sports Bottle

The most important thing in running is for you not to get dehydrated. No matter how professional you are in running, you body could not hold much if you do not fuel it. This is where sports bottle come in handy. Fill it with water or a healthy energy drink to allow your body replenish to replenish. I love the Camelbak Products Big Chill Water Bottle for this purpose

6. Knee Support

Every runner knows the importance of running properly. Adding support to your knees and other joints align them which could prevent injuries. Your knees and other joints only remain strong and stable if you know how to properly care for them. This means that you do not overwork them. When you have enough and right knee support, you minimize injuries and accidents which could be a big toll in your part as a runner. My husband loves the Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support and uses it also daily

7. Heart Rate Monitor

In today’s world, more and more gadgets and gears have been introduced to run efficiently and safely. Portable heart rate monitor is a smart invention and a must-have for runners. This shows how your heart is doing and if it still could take more distances. With the heart rate monitor, you need to know how to read the indicators to make correct judgment. Most watches have this function, including the Nike+ TomTom referred to above. I personally like the Polar FT7 Womens Black/Gold Heart Rate Monitor Watch as well

8. Portable Music Player

Nothing is more fun than running while listening to your favorite music artists. There are now so many available portable music player that you could bring along during your run. Time gets shorter when you are enjoying so much with the help of some upbeat tunes.

9. Sunblock Lotion

Protect you face and body with sunblock lotion. Choose a lotion with high SPF to give you ultimate protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Do not forget to apply sunblock lotion even when you are going only for a short run.

10. Visor/Hat

Another protection your body needs during running is a visor or hat. This gives you an extra protection. Visor or hat prevents sweat from running down to your eyes. I use the Headsweats Performance Super Running/Outdoor Sports Visor personally

11. Sunglasses

Choose a sunglasses that would block UV rays of the sun. Make sure that the sunglasses is designed for running or sports to ensure that you have the correct vision.

12. Gloves

A pair of gloves is a good protection against cold weather. Gloves keep your hands warm and protected all the time.

13. Emergency Kit

Have a small emergency kit with you all the time. Pack a plaster or medication for blisters. This is not just for yourself but also to help others who are in need.

14. Road ID

In case there is an accident, your road ID comes handy. This serves as an emergency contact information.

15. Money

This is also for emergent situations. In case of bad weather or you get lost, you have enough cash to get back home.

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