The New 2012 Sockwa G3 Shoes: The Crushable, Washable and Durable Barefoot Running Shoes

It is quite clear by now that the 21st century is the era of barefoot running. And Sockwa, one of the leading creators of barefoot running shoes is just as geared up to welcome the challenges with their innovation as they introduce their all new Sockwa G3 shoes!

Sockwa stays true to their slogan of treading the earth lightly with the new Sockwa G3 which will be out by February 2012. This new army of shoes is all mad with grey sole that does not leave a single mark on where you choose to tread or run on.

Unlike the Sockwa G2, the G3 comes in 5 colors and will be available in 9 different sizes (6-13). You can choose from black, brown, olive, red or yellow – whichever complements your mood or attire regardless of whether you feel like taking off for a run or go on a casual, comfortable walk at the mall or the park. G3 enables you to feel and reap the benefits of natural minimalist sensation wherever you may be at any time!

Since it has a wide range of sizes, any member of the family can enjoy their own G3! It can be a good present for friends or loved ones as well while at the same time encourage them to get on the bandwagon of barefoot running.

The Sockwa G3 is aptly built for your feet and is set to provide you with the thinnest sole on the planet. It only weighs around 2.4 to 3.5 oz which ensures that you will barely feel like you are wearing anything! In fact, it claims that you will feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks albeit it does not look like one at all. Do not worry about protecting your feet since Sockwa products are sturdy and offer the right amount of protection.

The shoes are also easy to carry in case you need to go on a road trip or have to visit a relative or friend outside your hometown. The shoes can be crushed and placed inside your carryon bag without doing any damage to it as it boasts of high durability. If you’ve been running in surfaces that have muddied your G3’s you can simply take it off and wash to clean it! So, whatever the weather you choose to run on, your Sockwa G3 will remain steadfast and keep up with your pace.

The Sockwa G3 will be a good addition to your barefoot running shoes and will provide you with enough balance and stability during your runs. You can pre-order your Sockwa G3 and look forward to running at a whole new level this 2012!

1 thought on “The New 2012 Sockwa G3 Shoes: The Crushable, Washable and Durable Barefoot Running Shoes”

  1. Ah. The sockwas come in “9 different sizes (6-13).”

    13? That’s as big as they run?

    I used to be a size 12…but since I’ve taken up barefoot running my feet have grown to a size 14…and they are a LARGE size 14 (too big for most of my size 14 running shoes.)

    (Thank goodness Saucony makes the Hattori in a size 14, and it has a big enough toe box to accommodate my clown feet. 🙂

    My best to Sockwa…and I send this thought to them: remember that barefoot runners can have big feet. Don’t leave us out!


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