2nd Run With Vibram FiveFingers Classic

A few days ago I went on my very first run in my Vibram FiveFingers Classic shoe.  To sum up the initial feeling of running in Vibrams…ninja-like.  Anyway, I wanted to recap how I felt the days after my run and update you on my second day running in these ninja shoes.

My calves were killing the next few days after my first 2 mile run.  Even that night directly after my run I was feeling a little pain.  A lot of it can be attributed to the fact that I was running with the midfoot strike which makes you use muscles you normally don’t use as much when running.  The next day the midfoot where I was landing when running was a little sore and sensitive as well (once again due to the fact my feet are used to running heel first and not the other way around).  I’ll admit it I was walking funny for these few days.

About 3 days later I decided to go on my second run in the Classic shoes.  I wasn’t feeling 100 percent, more like 50%.  But I felt good enough to run, though calves were still sore.  For some reason this time when I put on FiveFingers my pinky toe felt more crowded and squished than my first run in these shoes.  I thought it might be my nails so I trimmed them.  It felt a little better after this, but still not perfect.  Maybe I just have abnormally long pinky toes?

Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve been trying to change over my running style from heel striking first to midfoot striking first.  Since I was still a little sore from the previous run running in this manner was slightly painful.  I’m running on concrete too so you feel the impact more since you don’t have the cushioning you ordinarily would have.  Anyway, about 3/4 of a mile in I couldn’t take the pain anymore so I started walking.  Overall it was a pretty weak run, but I guess all the stuff that says how you should “ease” into barefoot running kind of make sense.

Right now my calves are still sore and I have this pain on the outside of my ankle/shin area.  Could just be soreness from not being accustomed to running barefoot…hopefully it’s not something else.  My pinky toe also is kind of sore, mostly due to being squished.  I’m not sure how Vibram accommodates for different toe sizes as it seems they take a one toe box size fits all strategy.  So the best advice I would give is if you are considering getting a pair to try a pair out at a store to see how they fit.  If you like them order a pair online. Most likely you’ll get a better deal and you’ll save on sales tax.

I still like the Vibram FiveFingers Classic (despite the soreness), but I still have to get adjusted to the whole running barefoot thing.