A Closer Look at the New Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS, Trek LS and Bormio

Ever since the Vibram FiveFingers barefoot shoes started grazing every path imaginable on this planet, a lot of people have picked minimalist running like it was a flu virus, only in a good way! The revolutionary designs of one of the pioneering barefoot shoe manufacturers have given runners around the world a healthier way to move more naturally and freely!

Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport LS Grey-Black-PinkNow, active sports enthusiasts are given even more freedom with its KomodoSport LS women and KomodoSport LS men shoes! It has combined the speed lacing system of Bikila LS with the sole structure of KomodoSport. This provides the runners and interested users with different foot shapes and sizes with the most comfortable fit.

People with either narrow feet or wider feet with high insteps won’t have to worry about donning the KomodoSport LS! Plus, the Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole continues to provide great traction and grip as well as protection for those who are into cross training activities or running in different trails that can get pretty slippery when wet.

Of course, the Vibram FiveFingers manufacturers are highly aware that even those who are natural born runners need to feel comfortable and natural even during their casual strolls around the block or even in malls. That is why they have thrown into the equation their innovative FiverFinger Trek LS for Men. These casual yet highly comfortable shoes for men are well equipped with 4mm EVA midsole which can give light cushioning and additional comfort. The Trek LS may not be as flexible as the VFF’s, but it is still minimal enough for you to have adequate ground feel.

For those who want it a little bit convenient for the windy, cold seasons, the Vibram collection has recently added a casual, full kangaroo leather to toe shoe ankle boots in the form of the Vibram FiveFingers Bormio! With its simple design and zippers on both sides of the boots, you can easily slip it on and off and get some sophistication with a hint of ruggedness. That way, despite being in business meetings or some casual night out of town, you will still feel one with nature and walk with healthy feet!

Truly, the Vibram FiveFingers continue to innovate their shoe collections to integrate not just runners’ needs but also barefoot enthusiasts who do not have to “run” all the time just to experience that minimalist, natural feeling for their feet. Truly, innovation at its best!

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  1. Question: What do you reccommend for a arefoot enthusiast that has Morton’s Toe (where my second and third toe are much longer than my big toe)?


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