Adidas adiPure Trainer: The Strength and Conditioning Gym Shoes for Barefoot Enthusiasts

Adidas Adipure TrainerIt is not surprising that the 2nd largest sports apparel and shoe company, Adidas, has dived into the realm of barefoot running. With the increasing clamor, steady popularity and the validation of natural minimalist running, the shoe manufacturer is adding another light, power trainers in the market with its soon to be released Adidas adiPure Trainer.

Just recently launched although not available in stores until November of this year, the Adidas adiPure Trainer is pretty much sporting a look that is reminiscent of the Vibram FiveFingers. Whether it will be as successful as the Vibram in both feel and performance, one will have to wait and see. By the time this shoe is out, barefoot runners and patrons of Adidas will definitely be raving or criticizing the next big “shoe” in barefoot running.

The Adidas adiPure Trainer is actually meant to be worn more for exercising rather than long trail hiking or cross country. It is the answer to the outcry of gym-goers who are learning the benefits and experiencing the difference between wearing minimalist shoes and the usual trainers. Apparently, they are more inclined to shoes that have little material difference between the foot and the ground.

Adidas adiPure Trainer aims to mimic the experience of exercising in barefoot or minimalist shoe but at the same time provide protection to the feet and traction for better foothold. The adiPure Trainer, which is a traditional shoe combined with a glove for the feet, is also said to be highly durable. Clearly, the shoe is trying to find a balance between Nike’s “Free” line and the Vibram’s Five-Finger shoes.

adiPure Trainer features the usual Adidas 3 stripes and is designed to cover the foot as a shoe but the feeling is more like wearing a sock that is moulding your feet albeit having different toe compartments to allow movement. The people from Adidas believe that with this shoe and using your foot’s natural mechanism and power; your muscles in the lower legs and throughout the core will be strengthened. Bottom line, this will not be proven until the Adidas adiPure Trainer hits the shoe shelves in November.

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