Another Awesome Vibram Five Fingers Act

Another powerful display of Vibram Five Fingers in action and great marketing by their team.  In this video you’ll show skilled acrobats performing martial arts and gymnastics all while wearing their Vibram Five Fingers Shoes.  You’ll also see people showing off their mountain climbing skills. The second video shows a lot of the same martial arts, dancing and aerobic skills as well as a large section on just break dancing skills, try doing some of those moves in your Nike Free Shoes!.

It looks as if their marketing is trying to focus on culture, art and athleticism as opposed to the practical outdoors activity applications that the shoes could be used for.  People have a hesitation of wearing these odd looking shoes.  If they can make it seem cool to wear them, why not?  By just watching the videos you’d think only athletes and skilled performers would use the Vibram Five Fingers shoes.

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