Barefoot Gardening with Vibram Five Fingers


The days of wearing those ugly Crocs for comfort are over.  The Vibram Five Fingers shoes are not only great for sports such as stand up paddle surfing, hiking, running, CrossFit, mountain climbing and many others, but many report that they are great for casual outdoor activities such as gardening.


Angie, an avid gardener who has a gardening blog talks about how great they are.  Some points in her article:

  • She bought 2 pairs for use outside of the garden (including work).
  • There feels like there is no support but they are the more comfortable shoes she’s ever worn.
  • She can feel every bump and soft spot while walking.
  • When they’re dirty, all she does is hose them off and let them dry. (Here’s a good review on cleaning the Vibram Five Fingers shoes)
  • She had to wear orthotics for the last 10 years but have been able to walk around with little trouble in the Vibrams.

That’s great news for people that are not only interested using Vibram Five Fingers to improve running speed and strength, but for comfortable casual wear as well.  There also seems to be more people reporting that shoes such as these have a physical therapeutic and rehabilitating effect as well.

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