Barefoot Running News: A Healthy Option, Hero in Kenya, and Naked Zipplining

Hello there barefoot runners and followers! We’re here again to help you get the latest happenings on minimalist running as well as activities that you might be interested in getting news in. Enjoy today’s report!

Barefoot Running: No Longer a Fad but a Healthy Option

A lot of people have been watching the banter between experts and runners on whether barefoot running is really good for people. Well, it is great news for minimalist runners to know that most people do consider barefoot running as a rather good option to use when they are recovering from injuries but wanting to start running again.

See how people are finally seeing the benefits of minimalist running and read about how they have incorporated running barefoot into their jogging habits! Read the article here!

Barefoot Runner Hailed as a Hero in Kenya!

We all know that the world’s fastest runners almost all hail from Kenya! We also know that these Kenyan runners are pretty awesome when it comes to running barefoot since they mostly start running that way. So you can just imagine the joy and happiness they received when Olympic torchbearer, John McBride passed through!

Read about John McBride’s journey to the town of Korogocho where he not only brought the Olympic torch but gave donations as well! Here’s the article.

Barefoot Running and Naked Zipplining?

Yes, people do come up with strange and unconventional ways of passing time and working out. However, this time, people are doing all sorts of great fundraisers for great causes. It’s nice to know that barefoot running has found a good place in society’s philanthropy.

Have fun reading this great piece of news!

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