Barefoot Running News: Advice from the East, The Great Show Flap and Going Barefoot

Hello barefoot runners! We are here again to deliver you the nice tidbits about minimalist running. Hopefully you get insights on it! Have a great read!

Great Barefoot News And Advice From The East

More and more people are getting on the barefoot bandwagon from the WEST to the EAST. Osaka just reported that more and more people are gaining interest and benefits from being able to walk barefoot and feel the ground. This is quite great news as more and more countries continue adopting the minimalist running fad.

Japan experts though suggests that those who are new to barefoot running or getting into the barefoot with madness, should start walking barefoot sans the minimalist shoe just to get a feel of it. Nevertheless, it is heartening to know that this form of running is finally getting a clout.

The Great Shoe Flap In Boston –Is Barefoot Better?

Paul Langer, DPM, APMA member, book author, and avid marathoner. Dr. Langer, along with David Jenkins, DPM, speaks to the public about the risks and benefits of going barefoot through “The Great Shoe Flap: Is Barefoot Better?”

The talk focused on the facts and the trying to demystify the myths and guesses surrounding barefoot running through videos, photos and barefoot shoe demonstrations. They believe in giving people the opportunity to sift through the Internet hype and help those who are into minimalist running avoid injury as well as supplying great information for those who are just starting.

Go Barefoot Or Nothing At All!

Here is a very interesting article on how the sales of minimalist shoes compare to the sales of the conventional running shoes and sneakers. It is quite a good and inspiring read. People are actually getting on the barefoot running mood!

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