Barefoot Running News: All About the New York City Marathon!

The New York City Marathon, as always, has attracted quite a huge interest in the last few weeks. The 42 km daunting run is going to be participated by more than 43,000 runners this Sunday. A small percentage of that number will be running with minimal footwear to no shoes. Here are some of the feature stories about the New York City Marathon.

Behind the Scenes

Marathon Courses have been graced by barefoot runners even in the long distant past. Take for example Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia. He won the marathon in 1960 Rome Olympics running on bare feet. It might just seem new but it’s not.

As David Willey, the Runner’s World magazine’s editor in chief said, “This barefooting thing isn’t new, but it is newly popular.”

The Barefoot Runners Society, on the other hand, shared that they had almost double the number of members since this national club for unshod runners was founded late last year.

Barefoot enthusiasts gushed about the benefits that they have experienced since trading in their traditional running shoes. You can read more about their stories here.

Watch your step! Barefoot running is picking up steam

The Marathon Bets

The city is abuzz with the 10 things to anticipate in the New York City Marathon. A few crowd favorites have been named plus, of course, some celebrities.

The Trail

Are you wishing you could take part in this exciting marathon? Yah, me too. But don’t despair. We can still join in on the fun as we go through and imagine the trail that the marathoners will follow in Run the City.

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