Barefoot Running News: Another Success Story, Barefoot Jogging and A New Reading Material

Summer is fast approaching and we barefoot bunnies are eager to go out and have a good run on the beach or even just around the ole running trail. Here are news snippets to inspire you to perspire!

Another Success Story: Barefoot Awareness Heightens Everyday!

The people from Whitby is in for a special barefoot treat as Paul Wallis holds a clinic on the bare facts when it comes to going barefoot when running. The 38 year old runner who has been battling with Achilles tendon injury shares his story about discovering barefoot running and rediscovering his love for running, accidents be damned!

Paul Wallis who is a nurse is looking to share his success story to those runners who miss running because they are hindered by their injuries. For more information on this truly inspiring story, read The Bare Facts On Barefoot Running!

Need An Update On Barefoot Running Shoes? Read On!

“Why is running difficult?” … this question pops out right away on this barefoot running blog article we have come across with. Let’s be honest here. Ever since we’ve reached the height of minimalist running, there are even more running shoes to choose from! Although most shoes have the same goal of providing pure barefoot running benefits, it is still a good thing to read about their difference!

If you need more advice on which barefoot running shoe to pick and make your running life easier, this blog entitled Running without: is barefoot jogging better? Will help you!

Want New Reading Material? Get The Latest Book On Barefoot Running!

A book entitled “Barefoot Running Step by Step” is the newest addition to the barefoot archives. This 239 page guidebook authored by Ken Bob Saxton and Roy. M. Wallack just came out. Don’t worry as it is not something preachy.

Available online in Amazon and in Barnes & Noble, this intriguing read is the right stuff to gift or buy for your self. It can help guide and give people a nudge whether to choose to hang their trainers for good and go barefoot or not.

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