Barefoot Running News: Approaching Barefoot Running Smartly, Another Vibram Boo-boo, and Strengthening Your Feet

Hello barefoot buddies and enthusiasts! Here is the latest buzz on the minimalist running scene. So, put on your barefoot gear or go nude and have a fun run this coming weekend!

Running Barefoot: Taking Root in People’s Daily Activities

There are a lot of people who are curious enough to try running barefoot. Others have experienced it without meaning to just by playing on the beach. Nevertheless, the need to decide on whether to buy a Vibram FiveFingers or the latest running shoes takes time.

Good thing the reason why people are taking the time to think before running is not because they don’t believe in barefoot benefits but because they are approaching the activity smartly! Kudos! Read more and be inspired!

Vibram: Making A Lot of Boo-Boo’s?

Did you buy your Vibram 5’s because of their color, unique style and because they are minimalist shoes? Or is it because they said it improves posture, preventing injury as well as correct spine alignment?

Well, you’d better think twice because Ali Savafi sued the company for false claims! Here is the detailed article on the Vibram 5’s boo-boo!

Want to Run Barefoot? Strengthen Your Feet!

We bet you’ve heard of the saying “You have to run to be fit!” But apparently, fitness guru Lisa Peterson says you have to be fit before you can run! She tried barefoot running four years ago and has loved the results she got from it.

Now, Peterson shares her fitness regimen for those who want to indulge in running barefoot but preventing injuries. Read her fascinating story here!