Barefoot Running News: Barefoot Fever in Southeast Asia!

We have great news for barefoot running lovers in all of Asia today! Clinics and various groups from the Philippines all the way to Singapore and Japan, clearly shows that everyone has been bitten by the barefoot running bug. Read on about how barefoot is creating a steady rise in popularity in the Southeast Asian region!

Best Selling Book Author Sandler Comes To The Philippines

People from the Philippines were privy to the healing advantages of barefoot running. Michael Sandler, internationally recognized barefoot coach and co-author of the best selling book “Barefoot Running- How to Run Light and Free by Getting in Touch with the Earth” held a clinic in Ayala Center Cebu.

According to Terra Plana store owner Harley Yu, bringing Sandler was brought to promote barefoot running in the Philippines as there are many interested people who want to discover the healing powers of running barefoot. For more details you can check out the full story at Barefoot Running Expert Holds Clinic.

Barefoot Running Slowly Inching Its Way To Japan

Japan has been always known for their traditions regarding feet and footwear but it has not jumped into the barefoot revolution. But now, they have founded the Japan Barefoot Running Club with about 30 members who are trying to bring the advantage of running barefoot without having to be barefooted into their country.

Tokyo resident Tsuyoshi Yoshino founded the Japan Barefoot Running Club and is glad that they get covered by the morning news because it brings awareness to people and they get new members on the Japan Barefoot Running Club after being seen in it. For more on Yoshino’s take on barefoot running you can read his statement at Barefoot Running Finally Reaches Japan.

Singapore Gets A Taste Of Barefoot Running

Barefoot running has increased its profile and popularity in Singapore last December 06, 2010. 50 barefoot enthusiasts gathered to form Team Barefoot to run the 42 km race wearing Vivobarefoot shoes. Specially flown in by Terra Plana, barefoot professionals and experts Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, spread awareness on barefoot running.

The initiative was part of the four barefoot running clinics held in Manila, Cebu and Singapore for barefoot enthusiasts in Asia! For more details and information read Barefoot Run 2010.

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