Barefoot Running News: Barefoot Running Epidemic?, Running After an Injury, and Casual Barefoot Shoes

Hey there barefoot bunnies! Today, we feature new scoops and updates on the barefoot running community as well as how you can always enhance your barefoot running experience and avoid accidents! Read on!

Men’s Health: Blame Your Feet, Not Your Shoes!

A recent rise to the number of injuries incurred by those running barefoot or with minimalist shoes has made some health experts call the phenomenon as an “epidemic”. However, before you return your Vibrams or Merrell’s and demand a refund, you have to know that the injuries are most indefinitely not the shoes’ fault.

Unfortunately, US-based magazine Men’s Health has reported that the injuries are caused by the runner’s weak feet and poor form. There really is no natural harm to barefoot running, it’s just that as with all physical activities, you have to learn your “do’s” and “don’ts”. To know where to start or get ideas, read more!

The 10 Percent Running Rule!

Speaking of injuries and getting muscle stress, The Times of Oman has shared an article online on how a person has been running a certain average mile per week began suffering stress fracture that actually put him on crutches for three months. Of course, for us running fanatics, an injury will never deter us from trying to run again after our recovery. This holds true even for those who only found their love for barefoot running recently.

The article talks about how most runners stick to the 10 percent rule when it comes to running after having incurred an injury. You have to gradually up your miles only around 10%. Read more to know how to increase your distance safely!

Barefoot Shoes Getting More and More Casual For Everyday Use!

It is nice to hear stories about people running or discovering their love for running with barefoot shoes. But what’s even more exciting is hearing how some minimalist shoe manufacturers are catering more and more to people who want to be able to wear comfortable, natural feeling minimalist shoes to almost anywhere – even the prom!

You might find this an interesting read if you want to expand your time wearing barefoot shoes even when just sitting comfortably at home!

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