Barefoot Running News: Barefoot Running for Idiots, Nadine Haskell, Bare Facts On Shoeless Running

Well hello barefoot running buddies! Nothing beats that feeling of running naturally and so we bring you more positive news on the goings on in the almost shoeless community!

Even Dummies and Idiots are Running on Bare Feet!

Finally, you do not have to act all cocky and pretend you know that much on barefoot running. It’s natural for us runners to feel as if we experienced a whole lot of terrain or different benefits of running barefoot just so we can join small talks or perhaps engage somebody we know to take up the cause of running bare feet.

Next time you want to know more about barefoot running without having to embarrassingly ask the person next to you what it actually is, grab the new copy of Barefoot Running for Idiots! It might not be the solution for laziness but it sure does make learning about barefoot running easy!

Rediscovering the Joy of Running by Going Bare!

We’ve heard from people who discovered the benefits of barefoot running because they were curious about a shoe (especially the weird looking ones!) But nothing beats hearing news about a discovery of barefoot running that leads an injured and sidelined running enthusiast into getting back on track!

Read about how Nadine Haskell bounced back from an injury and be inspired about how barefoot running became one of the best options she has discovered. Who knows, you might want to follow her progress on barefoot running!

The Convert, The Trainer and The Scientist!

No, this is not your typical bedtime barefoot running story, although the title can be quite good for a book or something. This is more of an in your face break down of barefoot running facts that might help the beginner or the expert barefoot runner understand the beauty and benefits of running as naturally as possible.

The bare facts on shoeless running tackles the ideas, comments and theories of different people: Christopher McDougall (The Convert), Eric Orton (The Trainer), Reed Ferber (The Scientist). If that is not a trio of barefoot experts and powerhouse, then you’re the King or Queen of Siam! Check it out!

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