Barefoot Running News: Barefoot Running in the Philippines, What’s wrong with Minimalist Running, and the Other Side

Barefoot runners unite! Today, we’re giving you the latest news and affirmation that minimalist running is indeed becoming a global success! Read on and be inspired!

Barefoot Running Taking Root in the Philippines!

It is no secret that the Western part of the globe is leading the charge towards barefoot running. Although the debate on its benefits and whatnot rages on, it is not surprising that even the minimalist enthusiasm has reached the Asian waters, especially in the Philippines! With the launching of Merrell’s shoe collection in the country, it brought on a new wave of awareness about running without the bulky weight of running shoes.

A Facebook page, dedicated to barefoot running, was started by two Filipinos a year ago. Now, they have 900 active members, all relishing the freedom and benefits of running barefoot! Read and be inspired! The Case for Barefoot Running!

What’s Wrong with Minimalist Running?

We’ve recently come across a great blog online about barefoot running. Aptly entitled, The Great Barefoot Running Debate the article talks about how “peaceful” and “united” the running community was until barefoot running came into the scene.

Discover how it feels to be on the other side of the running fence and decide whether barefoot running is worth the buzz!

Speaking of Going Over…?

This article presents a highly open-minded look on barefoot running written from somebody who is not ready to give up her normal trainers for any Vibram 5 fingers or any minimalist shoe. Not that we have any need to know what the anti-barefoot running camp is saying but it’s nice to gain a new perspective on minimalist running through seeing it from somebody else’s eyes.

Read Barefoot Running on the Rise and find a new way to inspire your barefoot running passion!

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