Barefoot Running News: Barefoot Running iPhone App, Applying the “Born to Run” Concept in Business, and the Barefoot Running Revolution

Hey barefoot bunnies! We are dishing out some delicious news from the barefoot running world. Trust us; you wouldn’t want to miss out on these developments! Dive right in!

Techies and Barefoot Runners Unite with this Uncanny New iPhone App!

How about an application in your iPod that is totally all about barefoot running? You have to admit that it’s awesome right? Merrell is moving human’s most basic and organic form of running into the 21st century with its new application called GO Barefoot.

This application provides barefoot instructions, training and education for those who want to know about running without having to actually don shoes. With four stages of training, you can really get more than just inspiration but also a challenging regimen to help you get healthy and in shape! Check it out!

Get Inspired With Two People And Find Out If You Are “Born To Run”!

Get inspired by these two barefoot runners who does not only teach and do barefoot running but also apply the concept of “born to run” into their business! Faribank and McDonald founded the Born to Run store in Bellevue.

They provide running shoes and clothing for those who want to participate in long distance runs all over the world as well as share the technique of running at the same time. Read about their philosophy and why they believe that they are Born to Run. Who knows, maybe you share the same sentiments!

Barefoot Running Revolution Begins With Understanding What It Takes!

We all know that there is a debate that just does not die down. People and experts have been contesting about the benefits of barefoot and non-barefoot running. There has been comparison between shoe models after shoe model. But what is really needed to solidify barefoot running’s place in society is to get more people to understand it.

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