Barefoot Running News: Beginners Guide, Apple and Nike’s Collaboration, and Baring Your Soles

Hey there barefoot enthusiasts! We have the latest information regarding the fast rising trend in physical fitness! Be sure to check them out!

How to Go Bare: A Beginners Guide to the Greenhorns of Barefoot Running!

People hear barefoot running and they automatically think of taking their shoes off and feeling the earth under their feet. Well, technically yes, but it is more complex than that! And for some, they need the right direction and guidance towards this new found hobby!

Barefoot running is exhilarating and can take you to new heights. Learn how to jump start your own barefoot running today! If you need a compact, easy and concise read to help you get started, visit Baring Your Soles: How Do I Start Barefoot Running?

Two Biggest Names In The Industry Of Sports And Technology Unite!

Yes, Nike and Apple have decided to join forces for barefoot running! We all know that is good news for all Nike followers as well as Apple enthusiasts! The actual collaboration happened in 2006 and up until now, both are still on top of the game, trying to innovate one of the latest craze which is barefoot running.

To learn more about this exciting and ongoing venture by two of the industry giants, read more here!

Running Barefoot Without Baring Your Soles Is A Bit Tricky!

We’re sure you are tired of hearing the endless debate on barefoot running, whether it is the actual act or just the accessory for it. There have been a lot of raised eyebrows when the Vibram shoes appeared. Having spaces between toes when you’re wearing a shoe have gotten both a mixture of positive and negative reaction!

What about you? What’s your take on those footsies? Read more and have an opinion! Run Barefoot Without Baring Your Sole.

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