Barefoot Running News: Biodegradable Barefoot Running Shoes, The Chiro and The Evangelist’s Workshop, The Barefoot Run Brigade

Hello barefoot buddies! We are here to provide you the latest and the most talked about trends concerning minimalist running. Hopefully, we can get the whole world benefitting from barefoot running in the year 2012!

Environment Friendly Barefoot Running Shoes? Introducing One Moment Shoes!

If you had to choose between buying £85 Vibram FiveFingers shoes, which Scarlett Johansson wore, and a minimalist running shoe that only costs about £8 – which would you prefer? We bet you’re apprehensive about the cheap shoes. But you might be surprised to know that these bright, new, flexible barefoot running shoes from Spanish Company, ONE MOMENT, actually provides an affordable solution for those who cannot afford a pair of Vibrams!

The sole of this new age shoes is just around 2mm thick and is made of 100% all natural materials. This means that this shoe will rot after you discard making it the most eco friendly shoes in the market. Now, that’s not a bad way to save money and the planet while staying healthy, right? Read more about it here.

Dr. Dirk Farrell: Teaching About Barefoot Shoes

Chiropractor Dr. Dirk Farrell just held a workshop in Seattle at Born to Run, The Barefoot Shoe Store. He shared his observations, insights and highlighted the importance of wearing the right shoe, most especially minimalist shoes, when running or even just walking.

He also engaged his audience to do some exercises as well as showed people how instability can be a cause for serious injuries, slower running pace and a lot of pain! Running evangelist, Ted McDonald likewise attended the event and shared his insights about footwear and running.

The Barefoot Run Brigade

If you are curious about barefoot running, you can learn a whole lot in Queenstown’s Studio Pilates and Physiotherapy. Since the popularity of barefoot running and its explosion in the running scene, a lot of people have either been curious or have become avid followers. That is why the studio has thought of holding a four-week course.

This program will help people learn more about barefoot running as well as help raise money for men who are undergoing recovery from their cancer treatment. The focus of the section is not about going out to run but rather on the biomechanics and tips on how to take care of one’s self during running.

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