Barefoot Running News: Curiosity Rising, Not Just a Summer Fling and Time to Take Off Your Shoes

We welcome the New Year 2011 with great tidings from the world of barefoot running. Apparently, despite the raging debate on barefoot shoes and running, it is clear that it is here to stay! Read on about the different reasons why barefoot runners have a reason to celebrate.

Curiosity Is Not Just For Cats But For Runners And Non-Runners Too!

It is no surprise to hear people blogging and giving their two cents on barefoot running. Others take the term literally like Glen Colello, a cross country couch who runs with his bare feet. Although there are dangers to this activity, Colello swears by it. However, some people question the relevance of this act, just like some question the effectiveness of barefoot running shoes.

Nevertheless, according to Melanie Borsari, owner of Bradford store, there are a lot of people coming in with interest in these shoes. While some are already avid barefoot runners, others are drawn to these shoes out of curiosity and there seems to be no sign of this curiosity waning over the next few years. Read more about the article in Running Barefoot is a Trend That May Be Here To Stay.

Barefoot Running: More Than Just A Summer Fling!

You would be amazed at how Christopher McDougall’s best seller “Born To Run” have gotten people, both runners and non-runners to take of their shoes, jumping on the barefoot band wagon. Of course, as with each hype, the question looms whether it will last or fade over time.

With more and more people preaching and following the footsteps of McDougall in promoting the benefits of barefoot running, article posted on New Haven Advocate clearly states that barefoot running is not some passing fad. The love-affair with barefoot runners and their converts is here to stay. For more info, READ!

Why More And More People Are Taking Their Shoes Off!

Mark Sisson, a former elite marathoner and triathlete, talks about why more and more people are taking the term “kick your shoes off” to a different level. Barefoot running is catching popularity like dry grasslands to fire. He indicates that in spite the stipulations of people’s norms and rules, people will always revert back to what nature has intended for them.

Bottom line, it’s not only the attractiveness of barefoot shoes and our penchant curiosity for the latest hype that sends most of us barefooted in parks, at home and even in the office. It’s innate! Read more about this interesting topic in Barefoot Shoes? The Primal Reason You Want to Take Off Your Shoes.

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