Barefoot Running News: Discovering Barefoot Running with Inov-8 Flats, Avoiding the Pitfalls of Running Barefoot and Sports Medicine

Hey barefoot running enthusiasts! Here are some great, inspirational news about minimalist running and minimalist shoes. Read on and get more inspired because you were born to run!

Discovering Minimalist Shoes And Barefoot Running!

A great article on barefoot running is hearing about how a local shoe store promoting minimalist shoes not because they are a fad but because they believe in this revolutionary form of running. After buying a pair of Inov-8 flats, the writer of the article recounts how he learns to run barefoot.

Inspired when he saw a person running barefoot with comfortable strides and is actually pulling away from him, Tom Held said to himself that he wanted to run like that. Read more of his Article and enjoy!

How To Do Barefoot Running With Infinite Care And Safety

With the controversies and debate surrounding barefoot running; minimizing the accidents and discomfort while you are starting to learn minimalist running. A good way to begin is to read up on everything or anything that can help you understand the mechanics of barefoot running.

The Pitfalls of Running Barefoot Can Be Avoided is a good article written by a runner who just tried running barefoot quite recently!

Sports Medicine And Minimalist Shoes

Nothing inspires barefoot running than having the benefits of using minimalist shoes explained in layman’s terms. It’s so great to see people writing about proof that barefoot running is not a myth and can be quite beneficial for anybody –yes, even with injuries.

Sports Medicine: Get The Maximum From Minimalist Shoes by Dr. James Glazer iterates how to get the best out of your minimalist or barefoot shoe.

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