Barefoot Running News: Fact or Fad, Running Unprepared, and What Barefoot Shoes to Wear

Barefoot running enthusiasts, Hello! We’re here again with the latest developments and news about minimalist running and the unique shoes that go along with it. So, be sure to take a moment and read about them! Have a great running week!

Barefoot Running: Fact or Fad?

It is not the first time that barefoot running comes under the scrutiny of experts and readers alike. So, it should not come as a surprise that critics go way back into history to find something to prove whether barefoot running is all hype and nothing else.
The idea of barefoot running was popularized by the book written by Chris McDougall, Born to Run. Read more about how Barbara J. King views barefoot running whether it’s a paleo-fact or paleo-fad.

Don’t Take to Barefoot Running Without Preparation!

Marathon runners of Seattle are training and preparing extensively and aside from regimens to warm ups they are also considering what type of shoes to wear or if they were going to wear any foot gear at all! This has led some experts and runners to voice out their concerns, especially for those who are new to the sport.
Find out why people are suddenly concerned for those who treat barefoot running as a fad or something fun to try out. This article is quite interesting!

What Barefoot Shoes to Wear?

Since a lot of people are already understanding and considering the barefoot way of walking and running, you might be one of those who are on the fence on what minimalist shoe to use. Well, look no further!
The latest barefoot shoe fashion is clearly the Five Finger type. Here’s an article that might help you out!

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