Barefoot Running News: Foot Experts’ Points of View, Natural Running and Foot Stickers

We have exciting news for you barefoot runners out there! We bring you more reasons why and how you should continuously enjoy running without the heavy feel of bulky running shoes!

Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running Debated by Foot Experts

The great debate on barefoot running continued on in Princeton, New Jersey last December 21, 2010 as Carol J. Buck, CEO of Xenna Corporation looks at the implications of barefoot running on the cosmetic side of things. She points out her amazement at how most barefoot runners’ feet are in pretty good shape in spite of the stress put on them.

Xenna Corporation has been a good distributor of natural foot care products that are sold in stores like Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS and others. Read more about the news here.

Natural Running: How to Run Naturally Barefoot While Wearing Shoes

The latest buzz on barefoot running books since the recent rise to fame by Born to Run author Christopher McDougall is the book written by Danny Abshire called Natural Running: The Simple Path to Stronger, Healthier Running.

The book is co-authored by Brian Metzler, a veteran running journalist. Natural Running teaches us how to eliminate problems in our running style like over striding without really running literally barefoot. See the book review by visiting Book Review: Natural Running.

Can You Go Walking Barefoot With These Babies?

The latest in the barefoot accessories or design are the foot stickers. These Footstickers are created by Dutch designer Frieke Severs for Nike. These are designed to lessen the risk of injury while walking barefoot rather than wear shoes most of the time.

The foot stickers provides added grip in the critical areas but apart from that, it leaves a few areas of your soles bare. The question remains though whether you can really use it for public wear as there might be sanitary issues involved. For more details, visit Foot Stickers.

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