Barefoot Running News: Free EBook, Relief from Pain, and More Good Words

Hey barefoot enthusiasts! Have we got exciting news for you! More great products concerning barefoot running are coming our way! Read on and be excited as we are!

A Free EBook That Every Barefoot Runner Must Read!

Did we mention that they are giving out this eBook for Free? Well, that’s the cherry on top of this wonderful news. In an article posted HERE, it seems like VIVOBAREFOOT and Barefoot running coach, Lee Saxby has teamed up to create a guide to injury free barefoot running and walking! They both have indeed called: “…for an end to Jogging and Inspire Injury Free Running”!

This eBook explains or guides runners through PROPRIOCEPTION, the secret to optimum performance and injury free running, commonly referred to as our sixth sense. With a foreword from the barefoot running man himself, Chris McDougall, you can be sure this is worth your time to read! And did we mention it’s for free?

News That We Always Look Forward To Reading About!

Nothing beats the feeling of fulfilment after a good barefoot run…well, probably except for reading about how barefoot running has changed a person’s life! With skeptics still looking for holes in this new form of running, it is quite an affirmation to read about how running barefoot becomes better for a person rather than jogging or running with bulky shoes!

Nadine Haskell writes about how barefoot running has relieved her of the pain from an injury that occurred before. Afraid of not being able to run again, she transitioned to going minimalist running and found that the pain no longer bothered her run! Read more on Why Running Barefoot Is Better Than Running With Shoe!

And Here’s Another One!

The good words just keep on coming! This means the barefoot revolution is solidly climbing its way to the top and more people are experiencing its awesome benefits! Find out and read this inspiring article from The Post Standard done by Time Knauss!

Read about “How I Got Hooked on “Barefooting” or Barefoot Running!”

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