Barefoot Running News: Free Your Mind, An Article for Greenhorns, the Latest Debate

Hey barefoot enthusiasts! We have the low down on the top happenings when it comes to minimalist or barefoot running. Read on and get more inspired to run and enjoy the benefits of barefoot everyday!

Barefoot Running Means Freeing Your Mind As Well!

Barefoot running has been said to be freedom for your feet. It is giving back our most natural, instinctive way of running as our feet are unencumbered by bulky shoes. But one runner found more than just freedom for his feet but also for his mind.

Free the sole, free the mind is reported by Ben Pierce from the Chronicle OutThere Editor which tells a great story of how a former runner in high school discovered his love for running again after reading Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run. Be inspired and read more!

A Great Barefoot Running Article for Greenhorns!

Barefoot running: If you’re thinking about shedding your shoes, read this first! Is a great read for those who are planning on tackling the life of being a minimalist runner for the first time! With all the unending debate on barefoot running, it can get quite confusing for those who are fairly new to this form of running.

To dispel any confusion, try and read through the in depth analysis by Lee Williams based on a great dissection of how the barefoot shoes work and why it works best for you! Read through and find your own take on this new great hobby!

And The Debate On Barefoot Running Rages On!

We have the latest debate on whether barefoot running is as beneficial as those that are claimed. A young runner talks about his fleeting romance with minimalist running and decides on whether he should continue on with being a barefoot runner.

If you want to join the debate on the pros and cons of barefoot running, check the article out and find more reasons to love (or doubt) minimalist running! Either way, more information on this newfound way of running can only have positive effects on us!

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