Barefoot Running News: 5 Barefoot Running Shoes, American College of Sports Medicine’s Study, and Rodney Wells’ Journey

Hello barefoot runners, followers and debaters! We’re here to bring to you the new developments and great minimalist stories you might want to share to your friends, family or running group! Stay in shape and always run carefully! Enjoy the news!

Which Barefoot Running Shoe Are You?

We know just how many different pairs of minimalist running shoes are out in the market today so we understand if you are stuck between this and that pair. Let us remind you that running barefoot does not always have to mean running without shoes. Picking a shoe that fits you perfectly should not have to take rocket science.

Here are 5 different barefoot running shoes you might want to consider fitting or using with different reviews for each. Remember, comfort and durability without compromising the barefoot feel of the shoes should be your top priority. Find out more about the 5 barefoot running shoes!

The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

The American College of Sports Medicine presented the pros and cons of barefoot running from a recent study in San Francisco. The studies apparently show that while barefoot running makes individuals run faster and more efficient, it also means risking one’s self to injury because of muscle and tendon strain. Read full article on “Studies Presented at Annual ACSM

The BARE Attack!

Rodney Wells from the Barefoot Runners of Northern Virginia and Washington prefer to wear toe rings rather than the traditional running shoes. He says that these shoes now feel like bricks for his feet after having been inducted into the world of barefoot running.

He now attends running workshops and events like the Naked Foot 5K, which helps other runners make the transition from traditional running gear to the minimalist shoes. Read the fun and inspiring article on this page!

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