Barefoot Running News: How to Prep for Barefoot Running, Energy Economy and VIVOBAREFOOT’s Barefoot Running Coach App

How are you finding the summer heat so far? Hope you are all geared up and ready to tackle the beach, park, trails or whatever it is that you have planned out for the summer!

Well, if you are new to barefoot running and want to include it in your summer escapades, here are three resources that would definitely help you to start in the right direction.

Four Steps to Prepping Yourself for Barefoot Running

Summer’s here and what a great way to enjoy the sun than to go barefoot running! For those who just want to experiment with this new trend, know that you do not have to run completely barefoot. You can still run with protection and comfort with the many barefoot running shoes available in the market today.

But you need to go slow when transitioning from traditional running shoes if you want to avoid unnecessary injuries. If you’re looking for a set of instructions on how you can easily do this, you might want to read this quick guide.

Energy Economy: Proven Benefit of Running Barefoot

Okay, we’ve heard a lot of claims about the benefits of barefoot running but this is the first time that I’ve heard of the term Energy Economy. Dr. Michael Wilkinson’s research and comprehensive analysis of running barefoot reveals that there is a lower need for oxygen when running sans shoes. Apparently, this can be immediately felt by people who run barefoot for the first time!

VIVOBAREFOOT’s Barefoot Running Coach App

Almost everything is going mobile and barefoot running is no different. Introducing the first app that features interactive and informative coaching from one of the best makers of barefoot running shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT!
Available on all iPads and iPhones, the app will teach you how you can become a skilled barefoot runner and run injury-free. Read more about it here!

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