Barefoot Running News: International Barefoot Running Day, More Writers, and a Barefoot Running Video

Hello runners! Are you in for another great bit of news? Well, we aim to please! Here is the news that is buzzing the world of barefoot running!

International Barefoot Running Day: Boon or Bane?

As barefoot running enthusiasts geared up for the May 1, 2011 inauguration of International Barefoot Running Day, they solidified the establishment of barefoot running and advancement. Led by the Barefoot Runners Society, the dedication to advancing the mission are anchored on offering resources that can unite barefoot and minimalist runners all over the world. However, can this be just another hype to benefit Barefoot Shoe companies?

If you are interested on getting more involved and helping achieve other goals and missions of minimalist running or you want to start your own conspiracy theory, read this article.

Barefoot Running Needs More Writers!

People scoff at things they don’t have any understanding of or very little idea on what it is. The naysayers to barefoot running need to read more books that talk about barefoot running from a perspective of somebody who has transitioned from running with trainers to running with barely there shoes.

Thomas Howell has written a book called “A Complete Idiot’s Guide to Barefoot Running” where he discusses his experience with barefoot running. Read all about it on this great news!

Barefoot Running Video You Might Want To Watch!

What’s the easier way to learn more about the facts and issues about barefoot running than watching the right video and reading comments from fellow running enthusiasts?

Get your fill of running barefoot information with these interesting video!

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