Barefoot Running News: Mixing it Up, Bill Cullins Take on BF Runing, and the Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talk

Hey runners! Are you up for more info on barefoot running? Well, you’d better be because we have a whole lot of interesting news! We’re dishing out everything about barefoot running – the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly!

Is Anybody Up For A Mixer?

There are a lot of people who remained skeptics even though they have not really tried barefoot running. Although a lot of running enthusiasts and adventurers have read “Born to Run”, most of them are still daunted by the idea of running without the usual level of padding they are used to. This was what Amelia Nielson-Stowell was trying to overcome as the book by Christopher McDougall has intrigued her.

She decided to talk to Dr. Gerard Hartmann, an Irish physical therapist who works on runners like Paula Radcliffe and found reason enough to go out and try running literally barefooted. Unfortunately, issues about hygiene have made her try running with Nike Frees. Eventually, although the writer wasn’t sold out on the idea of running barefoot she realized how mixing it up with her regular running shoe makes a difference. If you want to know more about mixing it up between bulky running and barefoot running, read Reasons to Run!

Score Another One For The Barefoot Running Team!

As the debate on barefoot running rages on, for us enthusiasts we rejoice whenever we read about an affirmation of the benefits of running barefoot. Well, break out into whatever jig you have in mind because Bill Cullins, a competitive cyclist and slow runner, and a two-time state master’s cyclocross champion have actually reported that “less running shoe is actually the better shoe”!

Read more on how Less Shoe May Be More For Runners plus some great running events on the coming months for the year 2011!

Feat: Something For Everyone – Yes, Even Barefoot Runners!

Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talk or FEAT rolled into Cape Town last Saturday, February 12, 2011. The event happened at the Artscape Theatre on the Foreshore. It was an evening of celebration and talking about South African adventurers and topics that discussed sports and outdoor adventures. What’s exciting is the fact that FEAT also discussed barefoot running and more that really shed light on its pros and cons.

Read more about the presentation made by Benita de Witt on barefoot running! Check out the full story HERE!

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