Barefoot Running News: More Reasons to Run, the MCA Program and the Not So Crazy Barefoot Craze

Hello barefoot runners! Here we are again with the latest on anything that spells B-A-R-E-F-O-O-T or R-U-N-N-I-N-G! From the health benefits of running to more evidence of minimalist running’s increasing popularity, we have it! Enjoy!

More Reason To Run…!!!

If you are on your way to become a long distance barefoot runner or just running to stay fit, then do not stop! According to an article, Jogging beats weight lifting for losing belly fats! This was concluded after a series of tests that aerobics burned 67% more calories than resistant training. Now, we all know aerobics means cardio work outs and what better way to exercise than to run?

More reasons to run and enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

More Runners Are Running Bare…!!!

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA), according to this article is hosting a great public education programs that help runners make that tricky transition from regular running towards barefoot running. This is evidence that indeed, barefoot running is on a quick rise to the top! The seminar is said to center on the benefits of barefoot running and some valuable injury prevention information as well as techniques that are based on the insights of experienced barefoot and minimalist experts.

So, if you are around the area on Friday, September 16, 2011 then you might want to attend the seminar “To Shoe or Not to Shoe”. More details here!

The Barefoot Craze Is Not So Crazy After All!

Basically, most articles you read online with regard to minimalist running will tell you that indeed barefoot running is a fast going trend. Even those who are into racing events and track and field competition can be seen donning or sporting a great pair of minimalist shoes. No matter what the other side of the running world are saying, people do find benefits from running barefoot. One great example is this article online! Enjoy!

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  1. You can burn a third more kcal running than walking too 🙂

    Prof Dan Lieberman has some good videos of running technique on his website at harvard, if anyones interested google “Professor Dan Lieberman Biomechanical Differences Between Different Foot Strikes”.

    Get into the barefoot people, and be kind to your calves – take the transition slow 🙂


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