Barefoot Running News: New Debates, Running Barefoot in Brooklyn, and Avoiding Injury

Hey barefoot enthusiasts! April is such a good month to start getting those barefoot shoes out of the closet! We are here to dish out to you the latest and inspiring reports on anything and everything that is barefoot running. Have a good read before going on that run!

Spring Time Means Resurfacing of Barefoot Running Debates

Nothing spells R-U-N-N-I-N-G season than the start of spring. People are eagerly awaiting the chance to break out their minimalist shoes as well as try the newly produced ones. It just so happens that critics are as eager to resume the debate and argument about barefoot running safety and implications.
Critics are targeting shoe manufacturers for their overzealous production of minimal shoes after another. Read more on why they think these shoemakers are starting the trend on barefoot running injury!

Barefoot Running 101: Running Barefoot on the Streets of Brooklyn?

One of the dangers or at least concerns of people who want to try barefoot running is the safety of their shoe-less feet. After all, skin and soft terrain is one thing but running barefoot on the streets of Brooklyn with broken glass and junk is another. Jordan Shakeshaft is about to try the latter.
Read as this first time barefoot runner tries to dissect barefoot running and at the same time provide a broader take on this growing fad. You can find out about his journey as well as his two cents from it here.

Giving Your Ankles and Feet a Vacation from Injury

It does not matter whether you are pro-barefoot walking or you are one of those who doubt its efficiency, the most important thing that all runners must remember is to avoid injuries and accidents during a hike or running cross-country.

So, for all of you who are lovers of running – barefoot especially, here is a great article which can help you prevent as well as avoid injury on your next run! Be armed and informed through this article.

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