Barefoot Running News: New York Times Phys Ed Writer’s Experience, Don’t Be So Serious, and Barefoot Running and the NBA Championships

Hello Barefoot Runners! It’s that time of the month again where we dish out the latest tips and trends on minimalist running. We want to make sure that you are enjoying the benefits of barefoot running in the safest possible way. Have fun!

New York Times Physical Ed Writer Tries Out Barefoot Running

It is not exactly a secret that a lot of people are curious about all the hype brought on by minimalist running. In fact, a lot of media writers have been pushed to write about it by actually going out and running barefoot. This does not exclude New York Times Phys Ed writer, Gretchen Reynolds.

Read about her experience as a first time barefoot runner and find out what she thinks. She also includes tips and new realizations on why barefoot could be beneficial and how it can be quite dangerous for some. Read more here!

Why You Should Take Barefoot Running Less Seriously

Okay, we are not saying we agree with the critics but more and more runners are realizing that barefoot running hype should stop for a breather. Ryan Carter was swept up with all the enthusiasm a runner can feel upon the discovery of barefoot running. Like most runners, he had already taken to it like fish to water. Unfortunately, his over-zealousness has caused him to injure himself.

Read and find out how you can avoid injury like Ryan Carter’s. Here’s the full article!
Can the NBA Learn a Thing or Two from Barefoot Running?
The NBA Championships are about to end and with Lightning and Heat causing all sorts of uproar, it can be pretty surprising to hear barefoot running being part of it. Well, according to some experts, the NBA can get a thing or two from minimalist running.

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