Barefoot Running News: Nike Free Run +3, What to Consider and the Newton Doctor

Hello barefoot enthusiasts! Here we are again with your dose of what’s hot and what’s happening in the world of barefoot running! Find out what Nike is up to as well as the great developments in the minimalist runner’s world. Enjoy!

Nike Free Run +3 – Barefoot Running Shoe Déjà Vu!

Nike endorses barefoot running with its new Nike Free Run +3 with Dynamic Fit system. The shoe features a soft material that encloses the midfoot and arch of your feet and provides a snug fit. It also mimics the curve of the feet while adding extra support as well as making it more comfortable.

Most runners can adjust the fit through loosening or tightening the laces. Although the shoe is extremely lightweight, it can still offer you enough protection for any terrain. With its flexibility, support, comfort and style, Nike is definitely taking barefoot running to the next level!

Something Minimalist Runners Should Consider…

Barefoot running has created huge media hype for runners all over the world. This in turn has produced critics as well as over-enthusiastic runners who want to jump into the bandwagon. Regardless of whether minimalist running worked for you or not, one thing is for sure – people need to stop, look and listen before running sans the shoes.

For those who are overzealous towards the exercise, you should remember that like all running activities, it takes a gradual process so as to avoid injuries. As for the critics, let’s not bash it until we’ve tried it. You might want to check out this article for further details.

Newton Doctor Running Barefoot with a Purpose to Accomplish

It is not surprising to hear people getting into the barefoot running program, especially those who have battled with injuries the past years. Dr. Bruce Kalow is one of those people who ran barefoot to accomplish and regain his running ability, which was hindered by injury in the past years.

Aside from overcoming this feat for himself, the Newton doctor is also running with friends to help raise money for charity. Read this inspiring news.