Barefoot Running News: Peachtree Road Race, Racing Flats and The Long Run

Hey barefoot runners! We are here again to bring you information about barefoot running! From the health benefits to personal experiences with the minimalist shoes! Read on!

Peachtree Road Race Barefoot Experience!

Sharpsburg resident Tamara Gerken has again tackled the Peach Tree road race sans her old running trainers. She relays how running this particular race accents and explains the comfort of running barefoot in Atlanta!

She runs without need for athletic shoes saying that years of running barefoot with her husband has help rid of her harrowing pain she felt before. Read more about the inspiring article Feet don’t fail me now: Sharpsburg Runner Bares Her Soles On Peachtree Without Shoes

Racing Flats Are Just Not For Racing… It’s For Everyone and Anything!

With the different types of barefoot running shoes popping from one brand name to another, a lot of runners, especially first time minimalist, are a bit apprehensive. They are a bit daunted with the results of using the minimalist racing shoes but this article may help put some unfounded fears to rest!

The Long Run: Racing Flats Aren’t Just For Racing talks about how these minimalist racing shoes are made for just about anybody! Stressing on not just running naturally but also running smart!

Know Your Barefoot Running Facts!

A lot of people are finding minimalist running quite interesting. Along with the quirky and weird looking shoes, runners are trying the unconventional way of racing, jogging and even just walking around town. However, given the on-going debate with barefoot running benefits and banes, if you are serious in wanting to go barefoot- it helps to know your facts!

Barefoot Running: You’ve Heard The Hype, But Do You Know The Facts? Is a great article to get started on your barefoot running history!

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