Barefoot Running News: People Who Should Avoid Barefoot Running, The Invisible Shoes and What the Panama City Foot Doctor Says about Barefoot Running

Hey barefoot enthusiasts! We are bringing you the latest tidbits from the world of barefoot running. We don’t omit anything –yes, even the bad and the ugly truth about minimalist running. Enjoy!

Barefoot Running: Not Good For Everybody?

Even with the increasing debate on barefoot running, it is obvious that everybody is leaning towards the fact that the safest running is done without the shoes. With a good pair of Vibrams, a person can change his running lifestyle.

Unfortunately, they can’t overlook the fact that it can put more stress on the foot itself which can increase possibilities of stress fractures. Basically, what this Article is saying is that some runners with problems are suggested to avoid barefoot running. What do you think?

Minimal Sandals And Invisible Shoes, Oh My!

The outsoles from Invisible Shoes® are one of the latest and most current ways to get the true barefoot experience. These are actually an upgrade version of the huarache running sandals. It is said to have healed chronic calf, knee and hamstring injuries. These are outsoles designed for running sandals.

The running sandals are 4mm thick and 6mm contact. What even makes this new product more reliable and efficient is the fact that it was developed by both Nike and Reebok! Read More Here!

Want To Read More On Barefoot Running?

There are a lot of skepticism when it comes to minimal running and seeing both the good and bad side of barefoot running can really help one decide if it is best for him or her. Plus, knowing how natural running should feel can greatly help in picking out the right minimalist shoes for him/her!

Panama City Foot Doctor Writes Interesting Stuff about Running Shoes is a great article to brush up on your facts and figures! Enjoy exploring barefoot running!