Barefoot Running News: Scarlett Johansson Joins the Craze, A Research on BF’s Benefits, and Sports Science Update

Barefoot enthusiasts have more to rejoice about! We’re giving you everything that’s absolutely positive about minimalist running! If you want something to smile about, read on!

ScarJo, Minimalist Runner? You Bet!

Scarlett Johansson is a Hollywood superstar in her own right. So, it’s not at all surprising why we find this news quite exciting! A photo of the movie star jogging with actor Sean Penn piques the interest of most runners whether barefoot or not. Incidentally, the actress was spotted wearing a Vibram Fivefinger Bikila shoes.

Although most people were speculating on her pregnancy, all eyes were on the actress feet as she shows herself as an advocate of barefoot running! Check out the photo: The Scarlett Shoes: Johansson jogs into the barefoot running craze!

Research Is Starting To Give Minimalist Running A Boost!

More and more people discover or read about barefoot or minimalist running online and in newspapers. However, it is the ever present blogs of newly-turned barefoot runner that give the population information about the benefits of running barefoot.

This is a good article to share for those who want to get more people into their barefoot running club or if you have need for more confirmation on how barefoot running benefits you or somebody you know who used to run before an injury and is looking to resume this passion.

Sports Science Update Cements Barefoot Running Efficiency

The reason why barefoot running is catching fire and spreading around the world is that it eliminates the bulky weight of the regular running shoe. This gives runners a new way of feeling and benefitting from running. Runners are reported to “run more economically” without the bulky trainers.

Read about a new study at the University of Nebraska and how it demonstrates the truth.

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