Barefoot Running News: Shape Magazine 2011 Shoe Guide, New Reebook Shoes and the Truth about Barefoot Running

Hi barefoot enthusiasts! We are bringing you the latest on barefoot running and everything interesting about the minimalist world. So, relax and get your daily barefoot fix!

Shape Magazine 2011 Shoe Guide Best Trail Running Shoe

There is a new shoe on the market that has everybody buzzing about. This shoe is designed especially for women. The Merell Barefoot Pace Glove is giving a new meaning to “less is more”. Equipped with Vibram Sole, this is your natural adventure shoe.

Find out the specs and how this ultra-lightweight shoe might just be the new barefoot running gear you need! More about Pace Glove here!

New Reebok Barefoot Running Shoes Launched!

Hot on the heels of Merrill is Reebok with it’s newly released RealFlex shoes. With the sole built of 76 independent support sensors that bend and flex with your foot. With the shoe heel designed to support heel impact when running downhill. This shoe actually encourages the runner to strike towards the front of the foot and not on the heel.

Check out your shoe store and see if you can fit this minimalist shoe into your barefoot running lifestyle. Or, you can check it out here!

The Truth About Barefoot Running

This is for those who are just recently into the minimalist running scene. We encourage that you do not just ump in the bandwagon without asking the right questions. Barefoot running might be beneficial but you have to remember, whether you are running barefoot or with conventional running shoes, doing it the wrong way will always lead to a bad thing. Read and research as well.

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