Barefoot Running News: The 1st International Barefoot Running Day and the Flying Pig Marathon

Hello barefoot runners! We’re bringing you up to date with the latest news on barefoot or minimalist running. So read on and find reasons to celebrate the naturalist way of getting fit!

The First Ever International Barefoot Running Day

Did you know there is already a barefoot running day? Well, for those who don’t May 1, 2011 was declared the international barefoot running day as posted in the recent Huffington Post article by Neil M. Blitz, D.P.M. Finally, a day where in we all can celebrate re-training our body on how to run!

So spread the word and let us all celebrate the Barefoot running day! For more news about this special event for us runners, read this!

Celebrating Barefoot Running Day across America!

Barefoot runners from Wakefield, California were up and about to celebrate International Barefoot Running Day! They decided to celebrate the event by holding a workshop and fun runs that also included festivities and events at Lake Quannapowitt.

People have quite a great reaction to the event, according to Todd Byers who organized the event as well as over 100 marathons before sans the running shoes. Read about how the event drew over 30 people! Read more on Rich on Running: North Shore wakes up to barefoot running!

Barefoot Running and the Flying Pig Marathon!

Flying pig is a very popular marathon held in Cincinnati and for the first time, they held their Flying Pig Marathon barefoot! Joined by over 5, 000 barefoot runners who braved the road filled course that contained debris although the organizers tried their best to clear the path.

Well, sticks and stones have not prevented barefoot enthusiasts from joining the marathon, including Clifton resident Alex Ramsey who has been sold on barefoot running! Read more about runners’ experiences with Flying Pig.

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