Barefoot Running News: The Bare Essentials, The New Dash Lite and the Barefoot Runner

Hey barefoot runners! We are here again to give you the latest news and inspirational blogs that make us appreciate minimalist running more! Enjoy!

How Essential Are The Bare Essentials?

A very interesting read from the StratfordPress “The Bare Essentials” tells us about one man’s journey in re-discovering his running from when he donned his Vibram Five Fingers. He talks about his frustration and agony from his former running shoes and laughs about the fun teasing that he gets from people who see him wearing his barefoot running shoes in the airport or when he takes his kids to school. In fact, his kids egg him about it.

But despite the ribbing he gets, he resolves that he was not going to go back to his old Asics running shoes. Having devoured the Born to Run book by Christopher McDougall, he says he was not going to run any other way.

The Level Between The Running Barefoot And Wearing Sneakers

The New Dash Lite offers people who are willing to try the minimalist shoes but are not yet ready to really hang their sneakers by the string a new way to experience barefoot without having to really go full-bare! The new Soft Star shoes footwear, RunAmoc Dash Lite is the new lightweight baby! It weighs around 5.6 ounces and 8.7 ounces. Its prominent feature is its wide toe area that allows you to feel that barefoot vibe.

Finally, here’s a new minimalist shoe you can slip your feet into without losing that feeling of wearing your trusty old sneaker. For more on this article, read here!

The Barefoot Runner

Watch this nice video on Michael Sandler who has fought through tragedy and ending up running a marathon in barefoot. Six years later he and his wife, Jessica Lee, wrote a book called Barefoot Running.

Learn Michael’s extraordinary story and how barefoot running was such a defining factor. Watch the video here!

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