Barefoot Running News: The Best Gifts this Christmas, for a Healthier Life!

This week’s news is all about walking healthy! We’re giving you news on why barefoot is the best thing you can wrap up for your loved ones this coming holiday. It’s the season of giving and what better gift to give than a great tool to a healthier life!

It’s The Season for Barefoot Reflexology!

In Berlin, walking barefoot is considered natural and one of the most effective foot reflex therapies. According to Dieter Breithecker, head of Germany’s Federal Institute for Posture and Mobilisation Support, putting the soles of your feet in contact with the ground can affect the health of one’s feet because it helps relieve internal tension and reduce stress.

While you can’t go walking literally barefoot every time of the day, let your friends and loved ones experience something as close to walking on wet stones and damp meadows to strengthen the arch of the foot and have healthy posture by giving them Vivobarefoot shoes! Read more about Barefoot Reflexology.

Spread The Love for Barefoot Running!

The debate on whether barefoot running is more beneficial or not has been steadily rising, so why not put your running buddy, friend or relative on the know-how and pick a side to join the debate! Gift them with a copy of McDougall’s Born To Run.

Read why Chris McDougall’s book Born to Run is one of the most debated books in the growing fitness movement of barefoot running have garnered quite a huge fan base in the past few years.

Barefoot Running Fans Give Back To Sir Isaac Newton!

To really showcase how the popularity of barefoot running, Newton showcases thanksgiving news that features the great and creative gifts their followers have done and sent for them. You won’t believe what these running enthusiasts have done!

You can find out all about it from the RUNNING FRONT!

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