Barefoot Running News: The Flatfooted Barefoot Runner, 5 Barefoot Running FAQs and VFFs Reviews

Hey barefoot runners! Today we’re dishing out more facts and news about the minimalist running community as well as the hottest trend in barefoot shoes! Enjoy!

Barefoot Running 101: To Run Barefoot Is To Believe!

A lot of people have special conditions when it comes to their foot and legs when running. Jane Morley from BeWellPhilly Magazine shares her experience with being flatfooted and how she was unsure about running barefoot. She also was a bit apprehensive that going minimalist would never be for her because there just won’t be any support.

She assumed wrong! Learn how her experience with barefoot running has inspired her to start saving up for a Vibram! BAREFOOT 101

Top 5 Barefoot Running Faqs That Everyone Should Know!

You’ve seen the barefoot shoes like Vibram 5 fingers, Merrell and even Nike. These are all shoe manufacturers that answers the call of minimalist runners. Infusing innovation and art into their shoes, some people decide to buy them just because they look unusual and stylish as well.

But, before you completely fall head over heels (no pun intended) with minimalist shoes or barefoot running, you should at least know the Top 5 Barefoot Running Faqs!

Fivefingers And Running Barefoot: Boon Or A Bane?

It cannot be denied that there are a growing number of fans for the Vibram FiveFingers. It seems like a lot of people have gotten over their aversion to seeing a shoes shaped like a foot. Designed to recreate the benefits of running without shoes at all, it has been a long standing debate on whether it is beneficial or harmful to the person.

But as you go through the articles, news and blogs about barefoot running, you will notice that there are more positive reviews! Read more how the Vibram FiveFingers plays a good part in a runner!

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