Barefoot Running News: The Million Dollar Question, Merrell Barefoot, and Lieberman Digs into Barefoot Running

Gear up for more barefoot running this 2011 as we bring you updates on what’s going on in the barefoot running world. We strive to give you updates on debates and new barefoot shoes releases.

The Million Dollar Question: Should You Ditch Your Shoes?

The first installment of the 4 part series on about barefoot running asks this question as a lot of people are considering trying barefoot running in the literal sense. It is not so surprising since the trend of running with barely there shoes have changed the way people perceive running as “natural”.

If you are one of those people on the verge of deciding whether running barefoot is for you and you think that it’s worth trading your regular running shoes with, check out what people say about it! Visit

Merrell Barefoot Pace Released: The 411

MERRELL successfully launched their trail glove and one of the most raised questions was if there was a pair made exclusively for the ladies. Well, the MERRELL does indeed have a counterpart for their trail glove and it’s called the MERREL Pace Glove.

Although the Pace Glove is almost identical to the Trail Glove, it has points that make it absolutely distinct for females. It looks stylish and does not even look much like a running shoe. Read from first hand account from a Pace Glove user right HERE!

Video of the Week: The Barefoot Running Professor

Here’s a video of  Professor Daniel E. Lieberman talking about how barefoot running can be beneficial to you. He walks you through barefoot running on a treadmill and shows you why the foot strike of barefoot running can be beneficial. It also shows various foot strike patterns on  the treadmill in slow motion so you can model what the correct way is to land.