Barefoot Running News: The Monkey Man, The New Skora Shoes, and Budd-Pieterse’s New Challenges

Hey barefoot enthusiasts! Are you ready to get your running fix for today? We are here to bring you the latest and the freshest news off the barefoot running world. Enjoy these top stories and be inspired to run!

The Monkey Man Prefers to Run with Minimalist

Ted McDonald or known as “The Monkey Man” condones minimalist running shoes and would prefer them rather than take advantage of the technological advances in most common running shoes. A self-proclaimed apostle of barefoot running, he believes that going back to the basics of running is the better option.

McDonald suffered from a back problem about a decade ago and has searched for highly effective shoes to offer him relief while running. In vain, he decided to just take off his shoes and walk barefoot. He confesses that when he did, he experienced a painless trek home. Read more about it in this article.

Skora Minimalist Shoes: Are Your Feet Ready for Minimalist Leather Running Shoes?

With the trend of minimalist running rising rapidly, it might take more than just unique, colorful designs to stand out among the throng of barefoot running shoes. After all, despite the debate that raged on for years, a lot of people are returning to the basic way of running – the barefoot way.

Skora intends to release its newest minimalist shoes. Yes, it will have the qualities that one expects from a barefoot running shoe but the upper is an entirely different thing – it is made out of goat leather. Intriguing, right? Especially since running sockless and leather usually equates to blisters! Find out why you should consider SKORA Minimalist Shoes.

Budd-Pieterse Looking for New Challenges

One of the most recognizable names in the running industry, Zola Budd-Pieterse talks about getting back into the running circuit but not to compete but rather to find joy and contentment in running again.

Read all about Zola Budd-Pieterse here.

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