Barefoot Running News: Try it for Yourself, More Converts and Fake BF Running Shoes

Hey campers! It’s always great to dish out the latest happenings in the barefoot running world. It’s a crazy world we live in but knowing that we can always go back to the basics makes it all worth the while! So, read on!

Why Debate When You Can Try It For Yourself?

A runner from Portland, Oregon, who has been suffering from “aching arches and shaky knees”, decides to try different shoes and barefoot running. She tried the Vivobarefoot Evo II and the Vibram Fivefingers KSO Trek and talks about how the different shoes in the market makes it exciting for first time barefoot runners.

Among other things that she studies is the different medical and theoretical approach from those who consider themselves barefoot running pros. So, if you want a thorough analogy on the mechanics of barefoot running, read more here!

Good News! More Converts Running Barefoot!

A recent convert to barefoot running, Caity McCardell ran a marathon in LA which is a 26.2 mile run. However, it is not the distance that worried her but the fact that she was doing it barefoot for the first time! In fact, she has not even told her parents for fear that they might worry about her safety!

Find out how her running coach has helped her get her stride when it came to barefoot running. An interesting read for those who still have a bit of difficulty getting comfortable with the barefoot running!

Warning! Beware of Fake or Counterfeit Barefoot Running Shoes!

Nadine Haskell talks about how she was tricked to buy and use counterfeit barefoot shoes! For eager greenhorns, do not allow yourself to spend money on something that is a fake and could possibly harm your body and your running!

To arm your self against counterfeit, read Haskell’s article on how she identifies the difference between the real Vibram Fivefinger Classic shoes and the fake one! After all, with today’s times and a lot of copycats, you can never be too sure!

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