Barefoot Running News: Water Exercises, Leadville Trail 100 Run and the Barefoot Running Hype

Hey barefoot runners out there! We are here again to deliver the latest trend and news involving minimalist running and staying in shape! Read on and discover new things to love about running barefoot!

Take Barefoot Running Work Out To A Newer, Wetter Level!

Running barefoot has found its clout in the runner’s world today but some health buffs are taking it to the next step. They are now throwing water workouts into the equation. More people are trying out water exercising but to avoid accidents and slip ups while running on shallow or waist-high water, they don their minimalist shoes.

Talk about hitting two birds with one barefoot shoe! Read more about it, HERE!

Leadville Trail 100 Run On August 20, 2011!

Watch out for you favorite runner as 1,000 runners gear up for the legendary Leadville Trail 100 Run on the 20th. The event features well-known competitors as well as long distance running. You can expect Barefoot Ted to represent the minimalist communities!

You can read more HERE if you are interested. We’re wondering who’s going to go minimalist during this legendary run-fest!

Minimalist Running: Proceed With Caution!

There is no denying the fact that we all love to encourage our friends to run or try running barefoot. However, there is nothing wrong with helping them make the decision on their own. Reading about Barefoot Running Hype can certainly gear them up properly for a decision on whether to try on the latest Vibram 5 fingers or Merrell shoes.

Just keep in mind though, even Runner’s World magazine editor in chief warns people to proceed with caution when transitioning from regular running to barefoot.

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