Barefoot Running News: Why You Need to Train, More Barefoot Running Shoes and Another Lawsuit

Hello there eager barefoot runners! We are here once again to tell you the latest rage and news on barefoot running and minimal footwear. We hope you continue being cautious and safe when you do your daily run. Enjoy!

Training is Essential If You Want to Get Serious with Barefoot Running

As the trend of barefoot running starts to be an accepted option for running, a lot of people are now even more eager to don a pair of minimalist shoes and head on out to the huge, wide open road. We do not want to curb your enthusiasm for the exercise nor do we want to discourage you from running. We just want you to be careful.We just want you to be careful.

There might not be any resolution to the debate on barefoot running but it can be said that a lot of medical critics are starting to see its benefits albeit with important reminders for the inexperienced. Read why you have to consider training before running barefoot here!

More Barefoot Running Shoes in Production

The inevitable has happened! Minimalist running is officially on the rise – debates or no debates! How do we know this? It is quite easy to see why since most shoe manufacturers are jumping into the bandwagon and are fashioning their running pairs to closely resemble the barefoot running pairs.

Read about how shoe manufacturers are getting on the barefoot wagon!

Note to Shoe Manufacturers: Be Careful What You Promise!

New York is the city where a runner is suing shoe company Adidas for their misrepresentation of their product Adidas AG. Joseph Rocco claims that the AdiPure shoes he bought from the company worth $90 have not delivered the results that they have promised.

Adidas has not yet commented about the incident and how Rocco claims that the shoes actually bruise the foot when used for training. We hope that people do not get the same type of disappointment from their running shoes! Read about the article here!

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