Barefoot Running News: World’s First Barefoot Half-Marathon, Conference in Austin, and Choosing the Right Shoes

This week’s news is bustling with juicy tidbits about barefoot running and the footwear that goes along with it. Mumbai and Austin will both experience an exciting event and then we’ll check out a more serious discussion of the studies made by different people from different organizations about barefoot running.

World’s First Barefoot Half-Marathon

Who would have thought that Navi Mumbai will be the first one to hold the world’s first barefoot half-marathon? This event was initiated by the Barefoot Runners of India Foundation (BRIF) and has been set to take place at Kharghar on December 12.

The half-marathon is expected to attract around 300 participants. The 21km run however can only be participated by Mumbai University students and Thane residents. For more details, you can read World’s 1st barefoot half-marathon in Mumbai.

4-day Running Event in Austin

Austin has been chosen to host the Running Event starting November 15 to 18. The Running Event is a trade show for retailers and manufacturers who are in the running business. Participants include exhibitors, owners of specialty stores as well as retailers from various parts of the world. About 1000 people have been expected to attend this huge event.

Barefoot and minimalist shoes is going to be a hot topic in the first 2 days of the event at the Hilton Austin. There is also going to be an expo on Wednesday and Thursday at the Austin Convention Center where various brands will showcase their apparel, shoes and high-tech accessories. Check out the whole story here The Running Event hits Austin.

In Depth Look at Today’s Running Shoes

Running magazine and shoe companies alike have advocated that you can decrease the likelihood of acquiring running-related injuries if you just choose the right shoes for your foot’s shape. Their recommendation says that if you have high arches, the cushioned shoes would work better for you. People with normal arches should go for stability shoes while those with low arches must get motion control shoes.

Recent studies however have indicated that this method is useless in preventing or reducing injuries. The study made by the US Army found that recruits who wore shoes that were “right” for their foot shape had as many injuries as those who wore stability shoes. Dr. Bruce Jones, co-author of the study and head of the injury prevention program at the U.S. Army Public Health Command in Aberdeen Proving Ground, had put it this way, “When it comes to preventing injuries, this three-pronged approach is based on an assessment of the foot that basically doesn’t work.”

A similar study was conducted by an exercise scientist at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Michael Ryan’s study of female runners also found that wearing shoes that are based on today’s conventions did not stop them from having injuries.

Read more about this interesting article here No Glass Slipper for Runners.

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