Barefoot Running Shoes: Barefoot Skiing, Evolution and Another Debate

Happy holidays barefoot enthusiasts! We bring you the latest debates and news about barefoot running and all its hoopla! From people wondering about evidences of its benefits to waterskiing! Read on and enjoy!

Barefoot Skiing In The New Year 2011!

Everybody is excited for the upcoming 33rd annual Lake Norman New Year’s Day Barefoot Challenge. The event will start at around noon in Sherrills Ford on January 1, 2011. It is considered as one of the longest running barefoot water ski competition in the world. Not a bad way of spending your New Year barefooted, right?

To know more about this event and those who want to try their luck at the competition, just visit Barefoot Water Skiing on New Year’s? You bet.

Barefoot Evolution: Unstructured Shoes Get Some Traction!

We all know that barefoot technology is mostly applied to running or hiking shoes. There has been a steady gain in popularity that even those who are not athletes and would rather experience the jungle that is the mall are turning to barefoot too!

The casual walking crowd are now shunning anything with heels or curvaceous insoles as well as stiff leather sides. They have whittled down their wants when it comes to casual shoes into simple facts: a shoe that will keep their feet warm and protect the feet and that’s about it. Read on more about how Moccasins are starting to get “barefoot” in Unstructured Shoes Gain Traction.

The Barefoot Benefits Debate Rages On!

Maggie Koerth-Baker wrote on her blog, asking about evidence that point to the fact that barefoot is better. She states “Turns out, while running barefoot is a perfectly viable option that many people enjoy, there’s not much evidence to back up the claims that it’s better than running shod.”

This statement stems from the fact that there’s been very little research done on whether barefoot is better than shoes, or vice versa. And Baker says that most of what you’ve heard is marketing claims, not science. Well, what is your take on this one?

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